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Tele-Conference Replays:

Go with the Flow. Change Your Pace.


Have you noticed how the pace of life can literally pick us up at the end of a year and whirl us into the next one before we know what’s happened? What if you could take advantage of this movement and sweep the best of the current year into the New Year? How would your life be different? Mindset makes a difference in everything we do. Whether we’re running a race, recovering from an illness like Lyme disease, or reorganizing our homes for the holidays, mindset matters. In this replay, I’ve prepared specific questions you can ask yourself to help re-set your mindset…any time of year.

Tips for Finishing Strong in the Fourth Quarter 


There are all kinds of distractions that can veer us off track from finishing strong at the end of a year… and from starting strong in the new one. During this segment you’ll hear me identify five common mistakes you can avoid by taking action now, how to re-frame the conversations you are having with yourself about yourself and your stuff, and how to gain leverage for a strong finish in the fourth quarter and a start strong in the new year.

Restoring Order: In the Bedroom


A quick review of the Five Essential Elements of Order, a helpful assessment for the bedroom, and an introduction to Marie Kondo’s popular system for taking a closer look at your clothes closet.

Restoring Order: In the Kitchen


During this segment you will hear me refer to a Power Point PDF sent out to those who were registered for the call. The greatest benefit to this replay is the set of assessment questions I share at the beginning. I ask these questions for every room or zone in the home. In this call you’ll hear how I direct them specifically to the kitchen.

Restoring Order: In the Office


An introduction to the Layers of Living and Essential Elements of Order…and a journey into the Office Zone.


4 Simple Questions to Help You Get More From Your Month


Last spring I was introduced to a new way of looking at my days, weeks, months and years. I was excited about what I was learning and immediately adapted the concepts to fit what I was already doing. Taking a few minutes to ask myself these FOUR simple questions before jumping into a new month, really makes a difference in helping me live each day more intentionally. I’ll show you how you can use these simple foundational questions to transform any month into one of meaningful action and growth…plus a little something new 🙂

2014 Holiday Head Start Series

Do you know there are really only FIVE Essential Elements necessary for establishing order in our lives? When we combine these FIVE essential elements, life gets easier–our homes become more inviting than they already are, the holidays become a source of celebration and joy, and the New Year becomes a launching pad into new growth and adventure. Come and discover the Five Essential Elements for yourself.